What is Qstone by Marble and Stones?

QStone is a high performance non porous composite material comprising of a mixture of natural mineral charges and high performance polymers. The material is processed in moulds to the given shape.

The Qstone is then hand polished to a non- porous solid surface by our skilled artisans.

We at Marble and Stones are committed to manufacturing sustainable products that not only will be resistant in time but also can be fully repaired and re-polished to its original sheen after years of use.

We are dedicated to every piece leaving our atelier, and have set up strict quality processes every step of the way to ensure that each one of our products is a piece of art destined to be feature in your home.

What is Hybrid by Marble & stones?

Hybrid s a non-porous material comprising a thin coat of QStone; an addition of natural mineral and high performance polymers re-enforced with fibre.

Hybrid enjoys the same honed finish as the Qstone with the benefit of being lighter in weight.

Hybrid is highly recommended for bathtubs, outdoor furniture, pots and planters, wall claddings, canopies ect… due to its high resistance to natural elements and UV resistance.

Our team of experienced designer, technicians and artisan work hand in hand to ensure that our products are perfectly adapted to your vision and needs.

We are passionate about developing new products and have a lot of fun experiencing with different textures and finishes.

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